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Figured it's time for another update..

I should be attending school soon. Fun.

Last Wednesday I enjoyed watching Queens of the Stone Age at the Kool Haus, and had met (and enjoyed conversation with) Josh Homme. One of the best concerts ever. I also got to hand him a demo. He joked around with my mentions of Kyuss. :(

I bootlegged the show, and the live performance on The Edge radio, which I also attended. Mp3s to arrive soon.

Got even more equipment to record with now, but my guitarist is out for over a month.. So I get to play with all this new stuff on my own. Wee.

Today is the day to work out personal differences with some mates 'round here. Even more fun.

..And the new Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory game's co-op mode is fun as hell.

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My computer and domains (especially mreff.no-ip.biz - high traffic area) will be down for a number of days.

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It's okay now, I got my copy of Catch 33.
Thanks people.

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    Meshuggah - Catch Thirty Three - 04 - The Paradoxial Spiral

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Wow, what a weekend.
The computers and their domains, are back up.

EIGHTY-fucking-FIVE tracks recorded. That's way more material than I expected for a demo.
It totals out to just under 11 hours.
[That's an average of 7-8 minutes per track.]
Almost no duplicate parts. Now THAT is creative writing time.

I thank the world for having so many cymbals now.
Nothing can stop me yet. Except for those damned ProMark B5 sticks that I keep breaking.
Pro Mark, I'm getting closer.. I need an endorsement.

You'll all see me again soon.

I finally listened to the SACD (Super Audio CD, same thing as DVD-A (DVD Audio)) version of Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral and all I can really say is "holy shit." How [fucking] interesting it is to hear a 5.1ch version of an album that you've known so damn well for so long. I can't wait until May.
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Today celebrates one month.
[This part is for personal reference]

Today is also DAY ONE of recording time.
[Finally putting some songs into a final format]

Today will also be the day that all my domains go down for a few days.
[The computer is going to also be used in conjunction with the rest of the setup]

Today I will be attempting to LAY OFF the goddamn cymbals for once.
[These new fuckers are just too much to handle. I've wanted a dual-china setup like Haake's for a while]

Yesterday, I expressed love. It's been a while.
[Those in their dominion -- WHAT]

[Side Notes]
HI ERIN it was good to hear a familiar voice again, sorry it was so short.
SORRY JOHN it won't be until today or tomorrow that I have accurate news on the tix. Mmm, sex.
HEY MEGHAN how do I get a hug while you're in the area?
MATT take a vacation.