Area 51¾ (catamaran) wrote,
Area 51¾

Promised a few at least.

Here's some quick pictures I took today, except for the first one which I took last weekend:
[The pictures won't be up for long, they're on my personal domain which will be dead when I move my stuff to the house.]

Thunder Bay Road!

The kitten! That's stuff on a stick that we enjoy together.

Another one of the kitten playing. Weird look cause he twisted upward while playing with his fav ball.

Awww, how could I resist taking a picture of this?

Gus, le chien. He's real friendly and he loves to play tag, fetch, and walks.

It was getting late.

Took this guy for a few car rides today while doing running around. People in drive-thru windows love him. Loves to cuddle and tries to lick my tongue.

Gump has the saddest, most adorable meow. I love him so much.

He's so cute too! I look for him daily and we have our time together.

He's also pretty big. I love his fatty ways.

Mango is the other cat, she's so friendly too. We have our moments, such as this one with my leg and her slamming her head into said leg.




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