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Today, is July 4th and I am missing out on Sounds of the Underground in Mississauga tonight. Way too many bands playing, all too good shit.
I was supposed to be working today, but I've been in bed for the past two days being terribly ill. I haven't puked so much in my life.
Last week I had Strep Throat. What's next?

The new Nevermore album is pretty good, I didn't think they'd get darker.

The new A Life Once Lost album is the best shit ever.

The new Lamb Of God DVD is kinda funny, the huge fight that Mark and Randy have is pretty good and has a nice end.

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This new Epiphone SG Special II guitar I've been practicing on is really helping me out with my metal riffs, but I still rely mainly on my Ibanez 7 string for the heavy shit. Can I convert back to a regular 6 string? We'll see.
Can I get these songs finished on my own? I don't think so, but it's really hard to find good musicians in this fucking area. I need a really good guitarist and bassist. I'm almost getting so good at guitar again that I feel like giving up on drumming duties just to be able to play these songs the way I want them. Yeah, as if.

Holy shite, can it get any hotter out there? This heat has played a big role in my sickness. The last two times I made it outside yesterday, I puked within 5mins of being in it. I need colder climate.



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